We are ALL Equal

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We are ALL equal, we are all the same and our true essence is LOVE. We are mirrors of each other and we consistently see our own behavior in the other person. When the behavior is positive we Stay in Love (positive energy) but the minute we recognize a negative behavior, we go into fear and our energy changes to negative energy (aka stress). The moment we get triggered by someone else is because we are looking at our own projection, at our own negative behavior but our fear (aka EGO) makes us blind to recognize ourselves in the other person.

Relationships are the best way to recognize ourselves because the person triggering us the most is only showing us our negative programming and being aware of it gives us a sense of freedom and relief from negative emotions towards each other. Disconnecting from people is easy but to grow and heal as humans, we get to face ourselves and those negative programs that we don’t like to recognize in ourselves.

Just like a child gets affected by the environment they develop in, the same way the cells in our body get affected by the environment they are in so if we are constantly in the energy of fear which is nothing but stress, we start developing diseases. By transforming our triggers (own negative programming) we are able to remove the negative energy (stress) from our body and we are able to heal ourselves and the relationships in our life.

I used to say “one of my kids is like me and the other one is like his dad”. Today I say “both my kids are like me: sometimes one shows me the side of me I like to look at and the other one shows me the side of me I don’t like to recognize”. Today I am healing by reprogramming my own negative behaviors and at the same time my relationship with family is healing and growing like I never believed it could.

By healing ourselves we also allow for others to heal and by changing ourselves, the world around us also changes. The change we want to see in the world starts within ourselves and it’s an inner job. Once our projections change, our world changes.Send me a message if you want to experience what it’s like to Stay in Love