What my Clients Say about PSYCH-K®

“I have had a lot of anxiety and stress over the years. Tried therapy, medication and a lot of other treatment methods, nothing seemed to work completely. I was frustrated and had a lot of anxiety about driving and being alone.
The anxiety turned into a phobia and eventually I had become so limited that I was either at home or with a support person anytime I left my house. The feeling was suffocating and I didn’t know how to make it end.

I believe between my therapy and medications, I was getting worse and my world was getting smaller. Eventually, I started turning to natural healing methods and took a trip to Bali, Indonesia. Getting on the plane was absolutely terrifying. I had anxiety attacks the whole way, I didn’t know how it would all turn out or if I would be able to live a normal life again.

When I came home, I was content and happy, but the fear of driving persisted because, as Ana Maria said, it was a belief I had created. Ana Maria saw a post on Facebook and she sent me a message about Psych-k® and how it changed her life. I decided to give it a shot for my issues with driving. Literally, the very next day, I was driving as though I never had a problem. Truthfully, I doubted that it would work, and I was shocked when it did.

Now, I am driving for the first time in a long time and I don’t remember the paralyzing fear anymore. I continue to see her and I swear that no matter how silly it might seem, you will not be able to doubt that Psych-K®, and more specifically Ana Maria’s balances, actually work. Especially, if you are dealing with crippling fears like me because you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!”
Niki M.Web Designer & Single Mom

“I worked with Ana Maria throughout the course of one month for about 8 sessions. I wasn’t familiar with the process but I trusted that what she offered would make a difference in my life and I am extremely satisfied with the results.

I came to her not knowing exactly how things will turn out but once we started working I recognized all the things I wanted to change in my life. The first one and probably the most important thing for me was the relationship with my mother. After our first session I felt a huge relief in me and two days later, my mother reached out to me. Her and I didn’t communicate and she had never reached out in the past so it was truly a miracle to experience the transformation in our relationship. Since then my mother and I have gotten closer and I can definitely noticed the shift between us.

My next biggest challenge was my health, I suffered from high blood pressure, migraines, anxiety, menstrual cramps, back pain due to a hernia and arthritis in my knees and wrists. Today I can say that I believe in miracles and that everything we want to transform can happen in an instant. It was during our sessions that I experienced my physical pain disappearing instantly with specific conditions but I was blown away after a couple of weeks of weeks when I had my first pain free menstrual period. My blood pressure is at a healthy rate, my anxiety disappeared and my confidence level has definitely improved among other things.

The mind is a truly powerful tool we all have access to and we are definitely the ones who can heal ourselves.

If you are looking or have been looking for a healing modality that works instantly, this is the one for you. Consistency paid off and I am glad that Ana Maria was the one who introduced me to this process.”
Cristina Lima, Peru

“I didn’t have a good childhood as far as I can remember and I never got to meet my dad. I met Ana Maria through a friend of mine and she offered to work with me using this “magical process” as she called it. She is definitely someone you want to sit for hours and listen to her teachings as she is passionate about her knowledge and the experiences she has lived through.

I booked my first session and I liked it as it was exactly as she described it, pretty simple and I didn’t have to get into details of my childhood as you would do during therapy but the most amazing thing is how quickly you can recognize the changes.

We worked on healing the relationship with my mother and also the relationship with myself. I noticed the difference right away and ever since then I have grown closer not only to my mom and the rest of my family but I finally got to meet my dad which for me was a real miracle.
The process is not only simple but it works pretty quick and I am very glad I got to meet Ana Maria as she is a very kind and passionate about helping anyone who is ready for deep transformation.”
T Perez Miami, Florida

“Ever since I was a little girl, I remember taking medications for all kinds of allergies and I finally got fed up of being sick.

My roommate shared a post that Ana Maria had shared in her FB page and I reached out to her.
We worked on three sessions during the course of 2 months and all my allergies have disappeared completely and I am no longer taking any medication for it. I also had trouble sleeping at times and since we had our sessions, I sleep through the night without any problem.

If you want a different approach that works quickly, give this process a try and watch how easy things can be healed. Ana Maria is an amazing human being filled with a beautiful energy and lost of passion for life.”
Carolina M. San Francisco, CA

“I was referred to Ana Maria by a co-worker who had tried the process in the past. Ana Maria was very passionate and shared her story with so much excitement that I decided to try it out.

My first session was to reprogram whatever negative perceptions I had towards money as I could make money easily but I always spent it right away. The following week after my first session with Ana Maria, I recognized my behavior and my perceptions had shifted so I decided to book another session.

The second and two following sessions were geared towards my confidence and my physical appearance as I wanted to lose weight for my upcoming wedding.
I can say that ever since I booked my sessions a lot has shifted in me. I have so far lost 17lbs in less than three months and my confidence level and self esteem have sky rocketed.
I am going to book a few more sessions and I am even gifting my fiancé 2 sessions for him to work with Ana Maria.

She truly is amazing and her passion and excitement are very inspiring. I definitely recommend anyone to give Ana Maria and PSYCH-K®️ a chance and you won’t be disappointed. The magic happens and it happens quick.”
Lisa M. Palm Beach, FL

“I watched several of Ana Maria’s stories and videos and I decided to reach out and give it a try and I had several conditions that I wanted to work on.

My biggest challenge was my erectile dysfunction which was truly a stressful situation for me considering I am in my forties. Even thinking about sharing it with her wasn’t easy but Ana Maria’s energy felt so safe and welcoming that after our first conversation I felt open to share with her. It took three full sessions for that specific condition to be healed without the need of any more meds.

After having such an impactul experience, I decided to book more sessions with her as I also suffered from depression and homosexual thoughts as I was abused as a child. I am glad to share that both my depression and my negative thoughts have completely disappeared after just a few more sessions. Today i recognize a sense of pease that no meds have ever provide and my confidence around women has totally shifted.

I’ve been in therapy and meds for several years and nothing has worked as quickly and as effective as this process. I am a new believer that we are capable to heal anything we want because the power resides within our own mind.
Give it a try if you want to experience real miracles in your life.”
William D. Chicago, IL

“I was diagnosed with Covid and a friend suggested I reached out to Ana Maria to see if she can work with me and my condition.

Ana Maria explained the process which seemed pretty simple and quick to see the results. I booked my first session as I was experiencing fever and all the symptoms that came with the virus. Right after my very first session I noticed the difference, the fever was gone and so was the sore throat and congestion. I booked a second session two days later and I felt even better. She suggested we wait a few days but I really wanted to get rid of whatever was left if anything and my last session was perfect. All my symptoms were gone completely so she offered to work on other conditions like my depression and anxiety and both conditions have disappeared completely.

It’s been two weeks since my first session and I feel like a different person with a lot of confidence, no anxiety, in a state of peace, with lots of energy and happy to know that my mind can heal my body instantly.

I cannot express enough my grateful to have worked with Ana Maria. She is a loving woman with lots of love and passion to share.”
Yesenia Z. Hollywood, FL

“I had been researching about PSYCH-K®️ and after watching a video Ana Maria shared about her experience with it, I reached out and booked a session.

I have tried different modalities and I was looking to heal my sexuality. As a child I was molested by a close relative and I was unable to maintain a relationship for a long period of time.

Ana Maria was very open about her personal experiences that she inspired me to share my own and I could feel the difference in me after my first session. We worked together for a few sessions and my experiences and my perceptions about men have totally shifted. I am beyond grateful for this process but more so for the opportunity that Ana Maria is to the world. She is a gift that continues to give day after day.

If you want to change your reality, change your perceptions and you will get the results you want and this process is what gives you that opportunity in a quick and easy way.”
Evelyn J. Pompano Beach, FL

“PSYCH-K®️ has been a big healing component in my life. It is truly amazing all the programming that we get from our parents and our caretakers and their parents before them.

PSYCH-K®️ has helped me with many of my insecurities and anxiousness. Most importantly, for me, it has helped with my blood pressure. Working with Ana Maria as my mentor and the PSYCH-K® sessions, Im happy to share that my blood pressure has dropped to an acceptable number and I am off my meds.

I have worked with Ana for about 6 months and continue to do so, for me, this is to deepen my happy place which is very beneficial to me and my growth.”

Oliver W. Dissman Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I am fortunate that Ana introduced PSYCH-K®️ to me. After having a few sessions with her, I have noticed that I am no longer easily triggered. I exercise more patience with people that were a nuisance. I have acquired an inner peace and understanding of my life flow.
The relationship with my dad has dramatically improved in a short amount of time and that’s a huge blessing for me.
Truly life changing experience that I recommend to anyone.”
Aylin C. Hialeah, FL

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