Do you believe in Santa? Is Santa real?

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For those of us who at one point believed in Santa, he was very real even when we didn’t see it. That’s exactly how our reality gets created…by our own beliefs. Some of those beliefs are fun and positive, like believing this old man comes every Christmas and leaves us presents. Other beliefs can be limiting and disempowering and those are the ones that hold us back in achieving everything we want in life. Are you getting the results you want right now?

The subconscious mind is the most powerful motor that continues to run our life and it’s by reprogramming those beliefs that are limiting or disempowering that we can create the reality we desire, that we can achieve anything we envision because we are continuously only projecting our beliefs and creating the reality we live every day.

What’s the Santa in your life? How is this Santa for you? Fun and easy or is it one that’s challenging and creating stress in your life.

Send me a message if you want to create in your life experiences where your beliefs are creating and giving you the results you want. The process can transform anything because your beliefs create the reality, just like the good old Santa is real while we choose to believe.