Have you ever questioned why is it so challenging to achieve your goals? Do you have unfulfilled dreams that you have given up on achieving? Do you keep repeating a behavior or feel stuck in the same place or maybe even repeating a story?

There is only one person in your way to achieving happiness, contentment, peace and self-love… You!

Ana Maria

Life is full of Challenges

Do any of the following resonate with you?

Health and Body Image

I have mental or physical conditions
I have emotional or sexual traumas
I can't lose weight
I hate my physical appearance

I have undiagnosed health conditions
I dislike my body

Self Esteem and Confidence

I don't trust myself
I don't believe in me
I'm not pretty
I always seeking for attention
I am unworthy
I am not valuable
Nobody loves me
I feel lonely


I pick fights all the time
I don't trust anyone
I don't feel happy
I don't know what I want
Am I happy with him/her?
My relationships never work
We used to be happy
I think I lost them


My mom won't talk to me
I don't know my dad
My siblings won't speak to me
I don't feel supported
I was abused
I have no family
My family is selfish
I don't feel loved or appreciated

Career or Finances

I am not passionate about my job
I hate my boss
My job is too stressful
I want to start over but I'm scared
I don't feel appreciated at work
I lost my job
I don't have or make enough money
I need to reset my career goals

Grief and Loss

I feel broken
I lost my husband/wife
I am suffering to move on
I miss my loved one
I can't seem to move forward
My relationship ended
I am depressed all the time
I don't know how to be happy anymore

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